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Purple Harmony Plates is the distribution division of Energy International Products

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Life Force Energy
Nikola Tesla
Linda Goodman's Star Signs
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Healing Energy
 Help Stress, Health
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Computer Guards
Water Ionizers
The World is talking about the Purple Plates.
In 1942 Dr. Nikola Tesla told the Arizona inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, of the Purple Plates, "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

A July 1998 article in the Australian magazine, Reflection, stated, "The Universe Energy of Vibrations is at the very foundation of physical existence, and through scientific innovation [referring to the Purple Plates], millions of users worldwide are experiencing the help made available through the concentration of this 'life force energy.' "

In Linda Goodman's Star Signs, Linda wrote that Purple Plates use the "Tesla-inspired high frequency harmonics." and felt she must share with her readers the "esoteric secrets and ancient mysteries." of Purple Plates and give "the knowledge of how they can obtain them for personal experimentation."

"I am just excited about all the ways this Positive Energy Plate can be used," wrote Dr. Joshua Stone, Ph.D., in Beyond Ascension - How To Complete The Seven Levels Of Initiation. Joshua also wrote,
"How can you afford not to get one?"

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